Personal Branding, Portrait Photoshoot: Steve Ash

Personal branding – showing your best side to potential customers                          

With so many people now working for themselves, or starting small businesses, it’s important to promote your personal brand, raise awareness and get your face known in your chosen industry – and having some high-quality portrait and head shots is a big part of this. Whether you’re using these images on your website, on business cards or through your social media accounts, having engaging and unique images is a huge help.          

Steve is a consultant and writer, specialising in accounting, marketing, business software and fintech apps. He runs his own content writing business, CommsBreakdown, providing bespoke content, branding and digital marketing support to a cross section of accounting firms, software companies, app providers and cloud-based businesses. He was looking for some professional portrait images he could use on his own website, and as headshots when writing commissioned magazine articles and online content.

Outside of the professional spectrum Steve is also a father, coffee lover and a man who loves a funky shirt and taking walks in the countryside. We loved getting to know the funny side of Steve (he has a very witty sense of humour) and made the most of his shoot by trying some more casual looks that showcased his personality along with the classic corporate branding shot’s. Whatever your personal brand, we will tailor every shoot around you to make sure you have stunning shots for any occasion.