Mother Daughter Sister Photoshoot: Christina Azh

Christina is a business operations manager for her family’s recruitment agency, she is also a woman who loves sunset yoga and watching French films (she’s watched Amelie over 40 times!). She came to us after realising she didn’t have any professional photographs of herself with her mother or sister, or at least ones that felt personal enough and captured their true connection and love for each other as a family.

As Christina was due to be married in a month she knew there was no time like the present to get her stunning family photo’s created, ones that they would all be able to keep and treasure for many years to come, and ones that would leave them smiling even after the excitement of the wedding was over. It was wonderful photographing Christina and her family, we wanted to showcase their unique beauty as individuals but also as a trio of women whose beauty connects them and brings them together. It was apparent that this photoshoot wasn’t just about the end result, but about sharing a fun experience and spending quality time together before starting the next chapter in her life. 

Before your mother­ daughter or sister photoshoot you will have an over-the-phone consultation and will receive our styling guide to ensure both you and your family bring in the right clothing and accessories to match in order to create the most stunning photographs you ever seen of yourself.. simplicity is key. Our professional female photographer will guide you into poses that will compliment and flatter whether it’s just you or you and a family member (or two!) so you have nothing to worry about except enjoying your fabulous pamper day.


“A portrait session is an amazing experience for women because it is liberating, energising and a reminder that you are beautiful, confident and WORTH IT!”