Portrait Photoshoot, Headshots: Rachel Ardeman

Rachel was such a pleasure to have in our studio. She is the project manager at an advertising agency. A fun fact about Rachel is she’s an avid collector or pop up books and her favourite film is The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  At the age of 51 she really is proof that 50 is FABULOUS! We love photographing women over 50 as we’ve noticed at this age women know exactly who they are and what they want from life, there is a true confidence that comes with the ageing process and we love showing women the real beauty that comes with being comfortable in your own skin. This was the first time Rachel had ever had a professional photoshoot and came to us purely to give herself some much needed pampering and for the ultimate opportunity to feel good about herself, despite usually hating having her photo taken and having her own inner monologue (that many of us have) let her believe she’s not photogenic enough to have stunning photographs of herself.

We at The Portrait Boutique know how to photograph ALL women and how to bring out the best in you no matter your age or body type, don’t let ‘the fear’ stop you from doing something incredibly uplifting that will change how you see yourself.


“A portrait session is an amazing experience for women because it’s empowering, and there’s nothing better than having great, natural pictures of yourself. When I saw my pictures I couldn’t believe it was me!”